Part III
Substantive Law

17. Competition Law: Private Undertakings  

Extra Materials

Useful videos



Documentary European Commission fighting against cartels


Tolstoy, EU Competition Law and the Big Society

Latvijas tiesību institūts:

Prof. Richard Whish QC (Hon) guest lecture at the Latvian Law Institute, Riga, Latvia, May 30, 2014

Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press):

What does the future hold for European competition law?

United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law:

Mr. Luigi Malferrari – Introduction to Competition Law of the European Union

Useful websites


European Commission – DG Competition: Antitrust

European Commission – DG Competition: Cartels

European Commission – DG Competition: Mergers

New York Law School – European Union Competition Law: Horizontal and Vertical Cooperation

New York Law School – European Union Competition Law: Concerted Practices