Part I
Constitutional Foundations

1. Constitutional History: From Paris To Lisbon  

Extra Materials

Useful videos


European Commission:

From the fall of the Berlin wall to the EU-10 enlargement:

50 years of the EU in the World

European values – as easy as winking

European Commission – Founding Fathers of the European Union:

Robert Schuman

Jean Monnet

Winston Churchill

Sicco Mansholt

Alcide De Gasperi

Joseph Bech

Altiero Spinelli

European Parliament Office in the United Kingdom:

A brief history of the European Union

University of Michigan:

An Imperfect Union: Understanding European Integration


A Brief Summary of the history of European Union enlargement

Useful websites


EU Treaties

Treaties currently in force

Lisbon Treaty (EUROPA)

European Commission – The EU timeline

BBC – A timeline of the EU

CVCE – From the Schuman Plan to the Paris Treaty (1950–1952)

CVCE – The origins of the Rome Treaties (1955–1958)

CVCE – The treaties of the European Union: texts, preparatory work and personal accounts