Part I
Constitutional Foundations

4. Governmental Structure: Union Institutions II  


The Commission

  1. Composition and Structure
    1. The President and ‘His’ College
    2. The Commission’s Administrative Organs
  2. Decision-making within the Commission
  3. Functions and Powers of the Commission
  4. Excursus: European Agencies and the Commission
    1. European Agencies: Functions
    2. European Agencies: Structure

The Court of Justice of the European Union

  1. Judicial Architecture: The European Court System
    1. The Court of Justice: Composition and Structure
    2. The Advocate General: Office and Function
    3. The General Court: Composition and Structure
    4. The ‘Specialised Court(s)’: The Civil Service Tribunal
  2. Judicial Procedure(s)
  3. Judicial Reasoning: Methods of Interpretation
  4. Jurisdiction and Judicial Powers

The European Central Bank

  1. The Special Status of the ECB
  2. Organs and Administrative Structure
  3. Internal Divisions and Decision-making
  4. Functions and Powers

The Court of Auditors