Part III
Substantive Law

18. Internal Policies: An Overview  

Extra Materials

 Economic and Monetary Policy

Useful videos

Council of the EU:

European Stability Mechanism Explained

ECB euro:

ECB and the Eurosystem explained in 3 min.

SSM explained in 3 minutes

Price stability: why is it important for you ?

ESB Business School der Hochschule Reutlingen:

Challenges of the European Monetary Union: Sovereign Debt Crisis and the Stability and Growth Pact


What is the new EU ‘fiscal compact’?


How it works: The Stability and Growth Pact


Richard Corbett on What is the Fiscal Compact?



Europe’s Fiscal Compact and Debt Crisis

Alberto Veronese:

The EU and the Fiscal Compact

 Useful websites

European Central Bank – Decision-making in ECB Banking Supervision

European Commission – Six-pack? Two-pack? Fiscal compact? A short guide to the new EU fiscal governance

European Commission – Stability and Growth Pact

Social Policy

Useful videos


Marije Cornelissen: EU Social Policy


European Commission:

 Agency workers

Health and Safety and Working Conditions

Europe Direct Eastleigh:

EU Social policy – the market’s human face? (Powerpoint version)


Social policy in Europe: the wide variety between northern and southern Europe (Andrew Scott)

Useful websites


Eur-Lex – Social Policy

Eur-Lex – Summaries of EU Legislation: Employment and social policy

European Commission – DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

European Commission – European Social Policy Network (ESPN)

European Commission – Health and safety at work

European Commission – Labour Law

European Commission – Tackling discrimination at work


Consumer Protection

Useful videos

European Commission:

Consumer Rights – European Union

Europe wants well-informed consumers

Making Europe’s consumers safer

Protecting European Consumers

Protecting passengers and goods transport in Europe

Travelling in Europe: you have rights as an air passenger


Useful websites


EUR-Lex – Summaries of EU Legislation: Consumers – Consumers – Shopping in the EU

European Commission – Consumers

European Commission – Consumers: Putting the consumer first

(Regional and) Cohesion Policy

Useful videos

European Commission:

The European Union’s Cohesion Policy: Investing in your Regions and Cities


Press conference following Informal meeting of Ministers responsible for Cohesion Policy

London School of Economics and Political Science:

Redesigning the World’s Largest Development Programme: EU cohesion policy

Useful websites


European Commission – Regional Policy

European Commission – Regional Policy: Cohesion Fund

European Commission – Regional Policy: Cohesion Policy 2014-2020: Documentation

European Commission – Regional Policy: European Regional Development Fund

European Commission – Regional Policy: History of the Policy

Eurostat – History of the regional funding