Part III
Substantive Law

16. Free Movement of Services and Capital  


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  • Case 263/86 Humbel
    Case 263/86 Belgian State v René Humbel and Marie-Thérèse Edel (1988) ECR -05365; Free movement of services, non-discrimination, education system.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-113/89 Rush Portuguesa
    Case 113/89 Rush Portuguesa Ldª v Office national d'immigration (1990) ECR I-01417; Free movement of services.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-76/90 Sager
    Case C-76/90 Manfred Säger v Dennemeyer & Co. Ltd (1991) ECR I-04221; Free movement of services, acitivties relating to the maintenance of industrial property rights.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-159/90 Grogan
    Case C-159/90 The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Ireland Ltd v Stephen Grogan and others (1991) ECR I-04685; Free movement of services, prohibition on the distribution of information on clinics carrying out voluntary terminations of pregnancy in other Member States.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Joined Cases C-267-8/91 Keck
    Joined Cases C-267/91 and 268/91 Criminal proceedings against Bernard Keck and Daniel Mithouard (1993) ECR I-06097; Free movement of goods, quantitative restrictions, measures having equivalent effect.Full Lisbonised Judgment
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  • Case C-279/93 Schumacker
    Case C-279/93 Finanzamt Köln-Altstadt v Roland Schumacker (1995) ECR I-00225; Free movement of persons, employed persons, equal treatment, remuneration.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-384/93 Alpine Investments
    Case C-384/93 Alpine Investments BV v Minister van Financiën (1995) ECR I-01141; Free movement of services, prohibition of cold calling by telephone for financial services.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-55/94 Gebhard
    Case C-55/94 Reinhard Gebhard v Consiglio dell'Ordine degli Avvocati e Procuratori di Milano (1995) ECR I-04165; Free movement of services, lawyers, possibility of opening chambers.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Joined Cases C-163, 165 and 250/94 Sanz de Lera
    Joined Cases C-163/94, C-165/94 and C-250/94 Criminal proceedings against Lucas Emilio Sanz de Lera, Raimundo Díaz Jiménez and Figen Kapanoglu (1995) ECR I-04821; Free movement of capital, non-member countries, national authorisation for the transfer of banknotes.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-302/97 Kronle
    Case C-302/97 Klaus Konle v Republik Österreich (1999) ECR I-03099; Free movement of capital, freedom of establishment.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-439/97 Sandoz
    Case C-439/97 Sandoz GmbH v Finanzlandesdirektion für Wien, Niederösterreich und Burgenland (1999) ECR I-07041; Free movement of capital, taxation, restrictions, justifications.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-35/98 Verkooijen
    Case C-35/98 Staatssecretaris van Financiën v B.G.M. Verkooijen (2000) ECR I-04071; Free movement of capital, direct taxation of share dividends.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-367/98 Commission v Portugal (Golden Shares I)
    Case C-367/98 Commission of the European Communities v Portuguese Republic (2002) ECR I-04731; Free movement of capital, restirctions, national rules prohibiting acquisition by investors from other Member States, justification.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-157/99 Peerbooms
    Case C-157/99 B.S.M. Geraets-Smits v Stichting Ziekenfonds VGZ and H.T.M. Peerbooms v Stichting CZ Groep Zorgverzekeringen (2001) ECR I-05473; Free movement of services, sickness insurance, system providing benefits in kind.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-98/01 Commission v UK (BAA)
    Case C-98/01 Commission of the European Communities v United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (2003) ECR I-04641; Free movement of capital, restrictions by national rules.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-215/01 Schnitzer
    Case C-215/01 Bruno Schnitzer (2003) ECR I-14847; Free movement of services, national rules.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-372/04 Watts
    Case C-372/04 The Queen, on the application of Yvonne Watts v Bedford Primary Care Trust and Secretary of State for Health (2006) ECR I-04325; Free movement of services, restrictions, social security, patient mobility.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-452/04 Fidium Finanz
    Case C-452/04 Fidium Finanz AG v Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (2006) ECR I-09521; Free movement of services, free movement of capital, companies established in non-member countries.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-513/04 Kerckhaert
    Case C-513/04 Mark Kerckhaert and Bernadette Morres v Belgische Staat (2006) ECR I-10967; Free movement of capital, restirctions, income tax, dividends.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-101/05 Skatteverket
    Case C-101/05 Skatteverket v A (2007) ECR I-11531; Free movement of capital, restriction on the movement of capital between the Member States and third countries.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-112/05 Commission v Germany (VW)
    Case C-112/05 Commission of the European Communities v Federal Republic of Germany (2007) ECR I-08995; Free movement of capital, restrictions, company law.Full Lisbonised Judgment
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  • Case C-341/05 Laval
    Case C-341/05 Laval un Partneri Ltd v Svenska Byggnadsarbetareförbundet, Svenska Byggnadsarbetareförbundets avdelning 1, Byggettan and Svenska Elektrikerförbundet (2007) ECR I-11767; Free movement of services, posting of workers in the construction industry.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-319/06 Commission v Luxembourg (Posted Workers)
    Case C-319/06 Commission of the European Communities v Grand Duchy of Luxemburg (2008) ECR I-04323; Free movement of services, public policy, weekly rest days.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case C-35/11 Test Claimants II
    Case C-35/11 Test Claimants in the FII Group Litigation v Commissioners of Inland Revenue (2006) ECR I-11753; Free movement of capital, payment of dividends, prevention or mitigation of a series of charges to tax.Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • C-326/12 van Caster
    Reports of Cases JUDGMENT OF THE COURT (First Chamber) 9  October 2014 * (Reference for a preliminary ruling — Free movement of capital — Article  63 TFEU — Taxation of income from investment funds — Investment fund’s obligations to communicate and publish certain information — Flat-rate taxation of income from investment funds which do not comply…Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • C-39/13 Sähköalojen
    Reports of Cases JUDGMENT OF THE COURT (First Chamber) 12  February 2015 * (Reference for a preliminary ruling — Articles  56 TFEU and  57 TFEU — Directive 96/71/EC — Articles  3, 5 and  6 — Workers of a company with its seat in Member State A, posted to carry out works in Member State B —…Full Lisbonised Judgment
  • Case 203/80 Casati
    CASATI In Case 203/80 REFERENCE to the Court under [Article 27 TFEU] by the Tribunale [District Court], Balzano, for a preliminary ruling in the criminal proceedings pending before that court against GUERRINO CASATI s sb ch on üt z is e. ed eu ca se s on the interpretation, inter alia, of Articles 67, 69,…Full Lisbonised Judgment